Connect your wallet to Winery Swap by Desktop

Step by steps to connect Metamask wallet on Winery by Desktop:

We are making the process as easy as it gets, you can easily connect your wallet just by clicking on 'Connect Wallet' on the top right corner of Winery website.

This will open a popup with all digital wallets we are currently supporting. Just simply click on the digital wallet you want to trade on winery with or click on learn how to connect should you find yourself needing some support on how to connect them.

After choosing the digital wallet of your choice, you only need to confirm you want to connect your account to Winery via your digital notification and that's it. That is how you connect your digital wallet to our Winery site.

Once you have already connected, please enjoy all our services and you can find support for all our services on these documents or directly contact us via any of our social platforms.

Caution: NEVER, share your wallet password or recover phrases to anyone under any circumstances to avoid any security breach to your wallet.

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