How to Play

Win round

Visit the Win page. You will see the prizes of the current round. This prize is shared with all winners.

The lottery draw is set when the round starts. Each lottery session has a set time of 6 hours and a ticket price of 10 CORKs, and 4 numbers from 1 to 99 are randomly given (ex: 2-89-11-83).

When the 4 numbers in the tickets are exact and right order with the winning numbers, you will win the jackpot with 50% of the entire lottery pool. Besides, there are two more prizes for tickets that match the first two, and three numbers.

Buy Lottery tickets

Step 1: Click the Buy tickets button and spend CORK to buy tickets.

*There is a time between rounds when purchasing tickets isn't possible. Just check back after the countdown if that's the case.

There is a pop-up appearing, then you choose the number of tickets you want to buy, click Buy Instantly.

Next, you enter the numbers of the ticket you want or just click Randomize, the system will help you pick up 4 numbers randomly.

​Check your tickets and click Buy Instantly. Then confirm when your wallet require to finish purchasing.

Step 2: View the tickets that you bought.

You can come back to the Win page to check your ticket by clicking the Your History tab.

Step 3: Wait for the draw to start and check your tickets. If they are matching, It’s time to come back and collect your prize.

Users can also get non-fungible tokens that can be traded with CORK or stored in their wallets.

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