🎫Win (Lottery)

Spend CORK for a chance to win big lottery with us. WINERY lottery makes it fun to make money.


To participate in Win and earn more CORKs, users need to buy lottery tickets. The price of a ticket is 10 CORK.

There are 4 draws per day, each draw lasts 6 hours.

Every ticket has a combination of 4 random numbers (from 01 to 99) with no duplicates among tickets that users buy. Ex: 03 - 15 - 56 - 79

Each user can buy max no duplicates 5 tickets for each draw.

The winning numbers are completely random, without any manual interferences to make sure about the fairness of the jackpot prize.

How to win

Your tickets numbers must match exactly in the right position to the winning numbers drawn at the end of a Lottery round.

  • Matching even just two numbers will win you a small prize.

  • Match more numbers to win a share of a larger prize pool.

Prize eligibility

There are a total of 4 lottery balls, from 1 to 99, on each ticket. To win, your numbers need to match the drawn numbers in the same order as the lottery balls, starting from the left of the ticket.

The total prizes for each draw will be divided into 4 parts:

  1. The prizes for tickets match 4 numbers: 65% of total prizes

  2. The prizes for tickets match 3 numbers: 20% of total prizes

  3. The prizes for tickets match 2 numbers: 10% of total prizes

  4. Adding to the next draw prizes: 5%

If there is no one winning the lottery, total prizes will add to the next round.

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