Aggregator Function

Optimizing your swapping experience by finding the best swapping route

This page summarized the advantages of integrating the aggregator function to connect DEXes together to obtain substantial advantages.

🥂 Find the best-optimized route

Winery Swap bridges over most major decentralized exchanges such as Biswap, PancakeSwap, BabySwap, or the 0x network.

When you select a trading pair on Winery Swap, for example, AVAX to DOT, Winery Swap compares and analyzes the most optimized rates for the pair on each exchange.

🍾 Interaction Aggregation

MultiPath allows you to engage with several services and smart contracts in a single gas-efficient transaction. For example, if you want to exchange BUSD for WBNB and then deposit the WBNB into Pandora Swap for DOT, Winery Swap can now accomplish it all in just one step.

Winery Swap routing algorithm explores all relevant routes, even those with additional hops. For reference, if you want to acquire DOT from BUSD, a direct BUSD -> DOT route might not be the best option.

In this case, getting the best rate may include swapping BUSD -> WBNB -> ETH. There is no need to compute all of this complexity (across all DEXes) by hand; the Winery Aggregator function does it for you!

🍹 Gas Fee Optimizations

To minimize gas use across the platform, Winery Swap employs a number of technical evaluation methods. When analyzing exchanging routes, gas fee are also taken into account.

You can check for the current status of the market gas fee by using ⛽BSCscan Gas Tracker


  • The gas price (chosen by the person submitting the transaction) influences the time required for the transaction to be validated.

  • If the gas price is too low, a transaction might never be incorporated into a block.

  • Gas costs are accounted for in the route calculations.

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