How to earn with Referral on Winery Swap

1. To get your referral link, you first need to visit Referral page on the menu on

2. Then you have to connect your crypto wallet by click CONNECT WALLET button.

3. After connect wallet, you will see Your referral link in box

4. Click the COPY button to get your link

How to check Your rewards

When you have invited many users and they completed their transactions, your rewards will be automatically added to your total rewards.

1. To check your rewards, scroll down to check your history referral list of transactions

2. Click the tab to see the details of your transactions for each function

3. You can check available rewards that you can withdraw from your My total rewards at Available rewards in the My total rewards box.

How to Harvest our referral rewards

1. To harvest referral, you first need to visit Referral page on the menu of our

2. In My total rewards box, click HARVEST button, then click CONFIRM.

3. Your wallet will appear and the total amount will be calculated and filled automatically with gas fee.

4. Click CONFIRM button, then announcement box Harvest successfully will appears.

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