Greetings to our cooperation! Small steps make big profits, your referral is your key to earning. Let’s take a tournament of our offer!


What will you receive?

Your referral brings you a lot of profits without effort, you can receive all these interests from your referral:

Your referral generates a lot of profits for you with little effort; you can receive all of the following benefits from your referral:

  • Oak Barrel: You will receive 5% of your friends' profit in CORK tokens when they withdraw their LP tokens.

  • Lottery: You will receive 5% of your friend's total lottery ticket spending in CORK tokens.

  • Swap: You will receive 10% in CORK in exchange for your friend's 0.17% transaction fee. (When swapping with other tokens besides the CORK token, these tokens will be exchanged for CORK and delivered with a 10% commission rate.)

  • Champagne: You will receive 5% of your friends' profit in CORK tokens when they withdraw their tokens.

What should you do?

You just need to:

  • Share your referral with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who wants to trade and participate in the crypto market.

  • Invite them to the Winery Swap website to implement transactions.

  • The more transactions they do, the more profits you earn.

How to receive rewards

Every account when connected to Winery Swap will have its own referral code. Follow these steps to copy your referral code and share it with your network and receive rewards easily:

  1. Go to the Referral page.

  2. Copy your referral code.

  3. Share it and wait.

  4. Come back to the Referral page, and check your profits automatically added to your account.

  5. Withdraw to your wallet.

IDO Commission

What will you receive?

There are many projects launching on IDO Launchpad and NFT Launchpad. These are your opportunity to earn more.

There is a ton of profits waiting for you, apply now to cooperate with us!

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