💡NFT Launchpad

Welcome to NFT Launchpad,an awesome place for NFT collectors and investors

NFT launchpad is a feature that helps users raise funds, launch and build the Winery DEX. The purchased NFTs are afterwards minted and transmitted to the users' addresses in accordance with the purchase they made on the launchpad. When you buy NFT on NFT Launchpad, it will be shaped randomly(skin, outfit,..).NFT holders can use it to earn more or sell it on NFT market(incoming feature)

How to buy NFT on NFT launchpad

1.Visit the NFT launchpad site

2.Click Approve button and confirm your action to use this function

3.After approving, the Approve button will turn into Buy, then choose the NFT you want then click Buy button .Your digital wallet will ask you to confirm your transaction, please confirm it.

4.When transaction completes, there is an announcement to check your NFT

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