How to buy NFT on Marketplace

How to buy NFT instantly

1. To buy NFT, you first need to visit Marketplace page on the menu on website.

2. Then choose NFT you like and want to buy, then click on it.

3. If you think it’s suitable price and want to buy then click BUY INSTANTLY button.

4. Then a pop-up will appear, please click APPROVE button to continue. Your wallet will ask you about the transaction, please click the CONFIRM button to accept it. And the pop-up Approve Success will appear.

5. Then you have to click BUY button and Confirm with your wallet one more time to finish your transaction.

6. After all, you can see β€œOwner by you” in this NFT’s information and you can check your transaction in Transaction History. You can also click My NFT and choose In Wallet to see NFTs you bought.

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