Benefits for trading NFT artworks on OCADI Gallery

Trading artworks via NFTs on the OCADI Gallery since many benefits are offered:

  • The purchased NFT will be automatically staked for 6 months. During the staking period, you will receive monthly interest equal to 1% of the NFT price.

  • When the purchased NFT's actual artwork is sold, the NFT holder will receive an additional 40% to 100% profit, depending on the selling price of both the actual artwork and the NFT.

  • If the actual artwork is not sold after 6 months of staking, according to the NFT purchaser's request, the seller will repurchase it based on the NFT purchase price.

  • If the work is not sold within 12 months, buyers who still hold the corresponding NFT of the artwork will receive a profit dividend determined by the seller, as well as a 10% discount when purchasing the next NFT.

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