NFT Marketplace with the Lowest Fees

The Marketplace is a big release and an extensive part of the Winery universe. Winery always hopes creating further development of the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto via NFTs. Let’s see in detail how this release will contribute to the improvement of Winery:

πŸ”‘ Powerful, safe, and greater Winery ecosystem

πŸ”‘ New levels and records

πŸ”‘ Strengthening of the Cork token

πŸ”‘ Lucrative and beneficial opportunities for the community

πŸ”‘ Greater volumes and positive statistics

πŸ”‘ Improvement of hundreds of thousands of new active users to Winery DEX

NFT Marketplace

  • Lowest commission fee of 1% on the BNB Chain

  • Commission Return in Opener

  • Exclusive NFT Auction

  • Unique Winery Swap NFT Collection

How to buy

There are 3 kinds of buying NFT on Winery Marketplace: buy at a fixed price, offer to buy, and auction. On Winery Swap NFT Marketplace you can purchase NFT for 4 cryptos: CORK, WBNB, USDT, BUSD.

Buy with a fixed price

Each NFT on Winery NFT marketplace has a fixed price set by the seller, if you want to buy an NFT, you can buy it at that price.

Offer to Buy

On Winery NFT Marketplace, if you see any NFTs have unsuitable with their real worth, you can make an offer to buy them at another price which you can freely adjust to the price you want.

The seller will receive this proposal, they will consider and make a decision to accept or not. The final results are followed by the seller's decision.



  • Sellers can reach the best price for NFT

  • Buyers can buy unique NFTs they want

  • Earn more profits just by participating in

How Winery’s auction works

When the sellers list NFTs to bid, the price will be set.

With every time placing bids done, the price of NFT will increase by a minimum of 10% higher than the previous bid.

Each new price is bided, the previous participant will earn 5% of the gap between their bid price and the latest one.

Rules of Winery NFT Marketplace auction

  • The creator can cancel the auction only if no auction bids have been placed.

  • When there are less than 6 hours left in the countdown, each additional bid will cause the countdown to be extended by 10 minutes.

  • Each bid will be increased by at least 10% or by whatever amount the auction participant desires to bid. The NFT will be delivered to the highest bidder at the end of the countdown.

  • The most essential rule is that 5% of the price rise for each offer will go to the preceding bidder, with the remaining 90% going to the auction creator if it was the last bid.

  • Following the auction's conclusion, the final bidder or seller must personally collect the NFT to complete the transaction. When the buyer receives the NFT, the seller will earn his profit. If no offers were placed during the auction, the seller will be entitled to withdraw his NFT.

How to verify NFT

These NFTs have been formally validated by the Winery Swap team and have particular marketplace benefits:

  • Users can list NFT up for sale at their own price.

  • For hundreds of thousands of users, verified NFTs are available under the Explore tab.

  • Winery Swap NFT Auction allows whitelisted NFTs to be sold.

  • Both the buyer and the seller can get Opener once validated, the NFT is sold.

To get NFT whitelisted, you need to fill out the application form.

Benefits of Winery NFT Marketplace

Winery NFT Marketplace is a massive release and a large component of the Winery Swap world. This is a big step forward for the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto through NFTs. Let's take a closer look at how this fantastic update can help Winery Swap:

  • Powerful, safe, and expanded Winery Swap environment New DeFi levels and records

  • The CORK token is being strengthened.

  • Hundreds of thousands of additional active users have joined Winery Swap DEX.

  • Lucrative and advantageous prospects for the community.

  • Massive NFT collaborations

  • Increased volumes and favorable statistics

The Winery Swap was impressively introduced a few months ago, and it has now broadened its boundaries with another powerful version, which will supply DeFi consumers with more items!

Impact of Winery marketplace on CORK Tokenomics

  • 0.15% (1% total commission) marketplace commission fee will be used to buy CORK and burn them to enable the CORK tokenomics.

  • More reach to users who buy/sell and hold CORK.

  • Potential NFT collections will help CORK strengthen.


1% Commission Fee that is debited from the seller is distributed as follows:

  • 70% goes to DAO

  • 15% goes to Dev wallet address

  • 15% goes to Monthly CORK Token Burn.

Commission Return

When a verified NFT is sold, both the buyer and seller get Opener. Openers here serve as a lucrative bonus and power to your NFT, which you can stake in order to earn more cryptocurrencies!

πŸ“NOTE: Please keep in mind that you can only earn RB by buying/selling genuine NFTs.


Winery Swap prioritizes notable collaborations and novel user experiences! Winery Swap engages with prominent projects to ensure the platforms' continuous development and improvement. Our collaborations increase the total effect, inventiveness, and duration of returns.

Dynamic NFT Collaborations with Winery Swap will excite everyone with amazing cryptocurrency earnings, a new user base, increased volumes, special NFT events, and more!

As a consequence, be prepared to meet new collaborators with the high-performing NFT projects on BSC, such as Winery Swap, which aim to reach new heights and achieve new milestones. Soon, all of the NFT partners will be included in the Winery Swap Marketplace's Partnerships area.

The Winery Swap initiative can't wait to introduce you to exciting NFT collaborations. Verify your NFTs now!


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