👆How to participate in IDO

To participate in IDO, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Bingo Family project IDO page by clicking here.

  2. Connect your wallet to Winery Swap by clicking on the Connect Wallet button.

Then, choose the Metamask wallet (or other crypto wallets that you are using).

*After connecting your wallet to the IDO of the project, if it is not in the IDO period, there will be a screen like this. Please come back later when the IDO is live.

3. Then you can see the approve button appear, then click APPROVE.

Your wallet will ask you about the action, please confirm it.

4. Buy Amount box appears after approval, you need to enter the amount of token you want to offer.

Next, click the BUY button.

5. Confirm your transaction and wait for Confirm transaction notice from your wallet.

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