Letting users lock their funds to exchange during the CORK generation event

What is IDO?

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a process by which a project launches a token through a DEX liquidity exchange. With IDO, blockchain projects, and Winery diversify their products, and token services, and make wise business decisions. Initial token sale attracts great interest of the communities and makes the collaborations more effective.

IDO on Winery stands for Initial DEX Offering. IDO allows users to have early access to token as soon as it is added. You can profit from bigger incentives if you are one of the first to own a new token! IDO are only accessible for a limited period. Prepare ahead of time to ensure your participation!

This is the method of distributing crypto to investors who want to engage in our strategic partner. Basically, IDO is the typical way for Winery team to raise fund from investors for supporting develop our partner.

IDO Benefits for Winery DEX and its Community

  • Big Winery Ecosystem enlargement and upgrade.

  • Strengthening of the CORK token, increase of volume and price.

  • IDO tokens are bought with CORK.

  • An enormous influx of new active users and investors to Winery DEX.

  • Establishment of powerful IDO partnerships.

  • Additional lucrative opportunities for users and investors.

  • Official listings, Farming, Staking and collaborative events.

  • Global development of the Winery community.

The Procedure for Conducting the IDO

Initial DEX Offering is a next-level type of crypto fundraising. The simplicity of the IDO has been combined with the maximum efficiency. Below are some critical points of the IDO on Winery Launchpad that you should know:

  1. Token IDO on Winery Launchpad is established with CORK tokens.

  2. The IDO on Winery Launchpad is active for a well-defined time. The duration of each IDO can be adjusted, depending on the agreement with a particular IDO project.

  3. Tokens are immediately listed on the Winery Exchange after the IDO ends. They become ready for exchange, staking, providing Liquidity, etc.

  4. Winery creates many utilities for a newly launched token. Farming, Staking, Trading Competitions, and other promotional events can be created to boost your token and increase its popularity.

Partnerships for IDO Establishment and Enhancement

Winery DEX will be pleased to run an IDO for new projects with high potential tokens. We are also eager to collaborate with all relevant platforms and projects such as:

  • Liquidity Lockers

  • IDO platforms

  • Blockchain Startup Accelerators

  • Blockchain Incubators

  • Venture Capitals and Venture Builders

  • Developers

  • Investors

  • Advisors

As an Official DEX Representative, Winery DEX can support a variety of IDO Platforms . After the IDO process of a token on your platform is finalized, the newly launched tokens can be used on Winery DEX. Our effective utilities such as exchanging, Farms, and promotional events will give a powerful leap for the token.

We will embark with you on a new chapter in the history of Winery DEX. We look forward to leaving a lasting mark on DeFi and increasing the opportunities to make money for our users. Join Winery DEX to reach new strategic milestones!

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